Compassionate Films, Inspired Audiences

Brought to you by the organisers of the world renowned Vegan Festival Adelaide, this Film Festival offers another platform for pioneering artists to share their visions of a sustainable world, stories of kindness and food to live for.


To be an annual celebration of unique storytelling and compassion in a Festival that excites audiences to attend and leaves them inspired to take positive actions for animals, our environment and their health.

To advance creativity and unique filmmaking on vegan subjects locally and worldwide by holding the only film festival in Australia to solely showcase vegan focused films.

To provide audiences with an annual arts event that is creative, compassionate and impactful in one of the world’s most liveable cities, Adelaide.


  • To be a leading film festival that plays an impactful role in creating a vegan world, so that all life is treated with respect and kindness, for the benefit of all animals, our environment and health.
  • To be able to support local filmmakers and increase production in South Australia by providing grants, awards and industry events.
  • To be an inspiring and consistently entertaining annual Festival in Adelaide’s cultural event calendar.

Why Vegan Films

Veganism is one of the fastest growing social justice movements world-wide, there has never been a better time to celebrate victories in animal rights, and share inspiring stories to encourage others to take positive actions that not only benefits animals but our environment and health too.

Why Vegan?


Rebecca Burnett
Director & Festival Coordinator

Lea McBride
Assistant Event Coordinator

Paul Kalenjuk
Finance Manager

At the Festival

As well as the film screenings the Festival includes:

+ Filmmaker Panel Discussions

+ Networking Opportunities

+ Opening Night Social Event

Presented to the best film in the festival as scored by a jury of experts. 

Presented to the best film in each category as voted for by the audience at the cinema after screenings.

We accept films of all genres and lengths with preference to films completed within the past 18months and not already publicly available.

Our Sponsors

This Festival is made possible with the help of a grant from the City of Adelaide and our wonderful sponsors:





Become a sponsor

Submissions closed 1 Feb for the 2021 Festival

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