Friday 28 May 2021, 6pm

18+ Event

The audience arrived along the green carpet and were greeted by a
Brown Brothers drink and food by Francesco’s Osteria.

With The Cattle

Director: Cameron Dunlop
Country: Australia
Length: 3min 07sec

This poetic, observational documentary invites audiences to share a moment of peace with some beautiful creatures. Recorded and mixed with Ambisonic audio to place the viewer with the cattle.

Vegan Director


Writer: Ajuni
Producer: Ajuni
Director: Romel Dias 
Country: India
Length: 2min 45sec

The music video explores the concept of Utopia, or lack thereof, through the journey of the protagonist, who is made to look loosely like Ajuni, the singer-songwriter of the song.

Vegan Singer/Song Writer

Salad Daze

Writer: Amelia Foxton
Director: Amelia Foxton
Producer: Glenn Fraser
Country: Australia
Length: 3min 30sec

An adventure in diversity of sexual preferences. Via the dessert menu…

Vegan Director

Voiceless: Crime of Silence **World Premiere**

Director: Ryland Pearson-McManus
Producer: Ryland Pearson-McManus
Country: Australia
Length: 01hr 26min 51sec

A feature length documentary that for the first time delves into the fervently heated world of the rapidly rising animal rights movement, told through the intimate stories of 3 Australian activists, who’s journeys within the movement we follow over the course of 2 years, painting rich portraits of their lives.

Vegan Filmmaker

Screening followed by Q&A panel with:

Ryland Pearson-McManus

Kristy Alger

Ryland Pearson-McManus is an Australian Director & Stills Photographer who grew up in inner city London where he first began his career in film & television production. He has since carved his path in humanitarian documentary through travelling the world, working for the likes of the BBC, SBS, and National Geographic.

Kristy Alger is a committed collective liberationist from lutruwita/Tasmania, columnist for Aussie Farms, current President of Animal Liberation Tasmania, and mother of three feral children. She has begun a journey to the world outside veganism, learning the importance of diversification of tactics and grass roots activism to create stronger community networks.

The Festival is made possible by our wonderful sponsors:

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